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The Founder - Siguan Yeo
We work with SMEs to accelerate their business value as a partner.
SME sector is the major employer and revenue generator in Malaysia, and these are the backbone of the economy, yet this sector tends to lack institutional support and methodology to grow the business in an efficient way, therefore "THINK ABOUT" consolidated resourceful investment groups, strategic partners, high value network and solid market insight data together as the powerful acceleration methodology with the characteristic of the trend maker, effective and creative.

- Acceleration Methodology -

We understand the traditional way won't open a new door, therefore we are the actual executor of the methodology instead of just coaching, focuses on enabling the SMEs business growth through the acceleration methodology.
Get funded through our trustworthy VC, Angel, Investment network, also get spice up for the taste of your business model to attract more investment opportunities through our professional.
Engage verified professional services with our provision to ensure the growth of your SMEs business value. Also, gain access to the tools or training provided by the professional consultant for a better understanding of the process.
A high-value business synergy network you can leverage through collaboration, cross-promotion campaign, or business expansion opportunities to grow the value of your SMEs business.
Schedule your first consulting meeting with us to find out
how to grow your business value from 1 > 100.


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