Babaiola Playschool

When we took over the kindergarten project, our first thought was to not contain the children in a space per se. After communicating with the client, we realized our thoughts and opinions are similar, leading to the completion of this design. The keyword for this project is unrestrained, solid, and safe. A lot of transparent roof tiles are used, enabling the children to safely conduct the activity or play in a space without solid walls as a barrier. Also, when the people from the outdoor look into the building, they would be able to sense the volatile energy projected by the children and teachers, as though making the building alive. Having the main door and transparent wall to face west is a deliberate arrangement in our design solution after considering the kindergarten’s operating hours. When the morning sunrises, children will be protected from the direct sunlight by a solid wall; and when the sunset sunlight hits the building, it is after class hour. The evening sunlight will provide sufficient temperature to avoid the building being shaded at all time, making it less prone to mildew and moisture. Nonetheless, the spacious outdoor will allow the children to grow in a truly unrestrained manner.

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