BLEND is the name of a global community at Bayer that was set up by LGBTI employees and other supporters. The aim of the community is to raise awareness of LGBTI issues and to promote an inclusive and open corporate culture. Nobody at Bayer should have to conceal their personality or ideas. They looking to a way to get more engaging to promote the concept.



We design a series of beach shorts which made from discarded fishnet, to encourage people who agreed on celebrating the diversity to promote it through wearing the beach shorts, part of the profit from making the beach shorts is used for collecting discard fishnet. Saving the coral, saving humanity at once.


The Scopes

• Brand Strategy

• Art Direction

• Packaging Design

• Sustainability Alignment






List Of Project

Monday, 04 May 2020
TIANSI Jewellery
Monday, 04 November 2019
Wednesday, 07 August 2019
Arise x WWF
Saturday, 15 June 2019
Sunday, 25 November 2018
Monday, 13 August 2018
JD Foundation
Friday, 04 May 2018
The Replacement
Tuesday, 04 July 2017
The Depot 11 by JWC
Thursday, 09 March 2017
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